The Need
A stand-out retail experience that elevated the Whole Foods brand, complete with superb environments, store planning, and value-engineered fixtures.

• Chandler became an extension of their-house design team which delivered savings and efficiencies to Whole Foods
• Chandler PM delivered installation cost savings by eliminating the need for extra contractors

Chandler Delivered
Elegant environments with over 60 custom fixtures designed, engineered, and fabricated for 40 + Whole Foods locations. The solutions allowed customers to easily navigate and shop.

• Delivered standardized yet highly customizable fixtures
• Allowed customization specific for the neighborhood/community in which the store is located without increasing costs
• Cost savings of $32,000-$42,500 or 26%-34%

“Localization of our stores is a critical element for our branding and store design. Chandler’s willingness to work with our design and décor teams and build a semi-custom fixture program is an indicator of a true partner. ”

Jay Demory, Design Coordinator
Whole Foods Market | Southern Pacific Region