ibs 2024

The Need: 
Masonite approached us with the need for a tradeshow booth for the NAHB International Builders' Show in Vegas. Recognizing the opportunity to push the boundaries of the typical booth experience, we set out to design and deliver an immersive booth that would not only showcase their products but also engage and captivate show attendees. 

What Chandler Delivered:
We created a 7,200 sq/ft immersive hub for Masonite, inviting attendees to participate with hands-on interactions. From comparing the sound-minimizing qualities of their doors in the Sound Test Room to experiencing the robustness of the Performance Door System in the Wind Test Tunnel, each booth element was crafted to spark curiosity. The addition of the M-PWR Smart Door, with its app integration, brought a layer of technological sophistication to the booth. Completing the experience, we designed a stylish bar and lounge area that offered the perfect setting for networking and conversation.