At Chandler, we’re always looking for ways to utilize more environmentally-friendly materials and processes. We’ve been using rPET materials in a number of projects which have provided promising results. One such material is rPET felt which is quickly becoming popular because of its soft, natural aesthetic that can bring sophistication to a project.

It also has great sound-absorbing properties as well as being easy to work with and easy to cut using a laser or straight knife cutting machine. While having the look and feel of natural felt, it also brings a sustainable twist—it’s made from recycled plastic.

rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) is recycled PET which is a lightweight plastic and form of polyester—just like your dad’s favorite disco outfit. Energy is a big part of the equation too. Using rPET in products instead of its virgin version (say that ten times fast), can result in utilization of up to 75% less energy, less water, and fewer natural resources. How great is it that there’s a new market for those used water bottles?